• Steel Tube Arch Lifting Project of Pinglu Canal Jiuzhou Bridge

    The Pinglu Canal Jiuzhou Grand Bridge is located near Jiuzhou Town, Qinzhou City. The main bridge is a steel tube concrete through tied-arch bridge with a span of 260m and a total width of 34.8m.

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  • Maojiayang Bridge

    Maojiayang Bridge is located on Maojiayang Port,Hangzhou City. The total length of the bridge is 155.10m and the width of the bridge is 42m. The main bridge adopts through tied-arch bridge, the approach bridge is a prestressed concrete simply supported box girder, and the span of the whole bridge is 30+92+30m.

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  • The Significance of Reinforcing Old Bridges

    Any traffic bridge or agricultural bridge put into use, we must ensure the safety of use, especially the bridge with dense traffic, if it is not safe to use, to minimize safety risks, such a bridge does not meet the current municipal bridge safety standards.

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  • Guomari cable-stayed bridge in Tongren County,Qinghai Province

    The Guomari Cable-Stayed Bridge is located on Guomari Road in Tongren County across the Longwu River. It is a secondary ring road in the northern district of the county. The total length of the Guo Mari Bridge is 590 meters.

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  • Ten Ways of Reinforcing Bridges

    Bridge reinforcement is to improve the load-bearing capacity and performance of components and even the entire structure through certain measures to meet new requirements. That is to say, we need to deal with the situation that the bridge cannot meet the continued use.

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  • Qingxi Ancient Town·Qingjiang River Bridge

    Qingjiang River Bridge is located in Qingxi Town, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, across the Qingzhu River, a total length of 114 meters, the full width of 21.6 meters, span combination of 1x25 prestressed concrete T beam +1x80 sinking concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, Qingchuan County is the first concrete arch bridge, but also the longest single span bridge.

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  • Shanghai Chongming Island- The Newly Built Gangzha Outer Bridge

    The newly built Gangzha Outer Bridge is located in Chongming District, Shanghai. It is a hybrid beam cable-stayed bridge with a central single cable plane and a single tower. The whole bridge adopts a structural system of towers, beams and piers.

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  • Cable-Stayed Bridge in Taohe National Wetland Park, Gansu Province

    The Yangjiahe outlet cable-stayed bridge project on the Taohe National Wetland Park patrol road is located in the south of Lintao County, Dingxi City. The cable-stayed bridge is about 250m away from the Yangjiahe reservoir dam, and the current river channel is 130m wide.

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