Shanghai Chongming Island- The Newly Built Gangzha Outer Bridge

2023-12-01 10:55:52 柳州桂桥缆索有限公司 9


The manufacturing and installation of bridge cable materials for this project are all undertaken by Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd.

 /Project Overview/

The newly built Gangzha Outer Bridge is located in Chongming District, Shanghai. It is a hybrid beam cable-stayed bridge with a central single cable plane and a single tower. The whole bridge adopts a structural system of towers, beams and piers.

/Main Tower/

The main tower is a single-column tower, and the cross-section of the tower shrinks from bottom to top along the height direction of the tower. The cable tower adopts solid rectangular section and hollow rectangular section, with chamfer transition processing at the corners; the bottom of the tower, the tower beam-pier combination section and the cable tower anchoring area adopt solid sections, and the remaining positions adopt hollow sections.

The main tower is equipped with masts and wind cables in the transverse direction of the bridge. The setting of wind cables and masts improves the lateral stability and lateral wind resistance of the bridge tower. The two masts are set 20m and 36m above the bridge deck respectively. The wind cables are equipped with pulleys at the ends of the masts, anchored near the top of the tower, and the beam ends are tensioned. Looking down from the overall view, the main tower looks like a sailboat, with quite a design aesthetic.

/ Stay cable /


There are 22 stay cables in the whole bridge. The stay cables are made of Ф7mm high-strength galvanized aluminum alloy steel wire, including PES(C)7-73, PES(C)7-85, PES(C)7-91, PES(C)7 -109 four specifications, the standard strength is fpk≥1770MPa, complying with the standard requirements of GB/T17101-2019 " Hot-dip zinc or zinc-a luminium coated steel wires for bridge cables".

The inner layer of the finished cable is made of steel wire, and the outer layer of the steel wire is wrapped with fiber-reinforced polyester tape and then extruded with double-layer high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It complies with GB/T18365-2018Hot-extruded PE protection paralleled high strength wire cable for cable-stayed bridge.

/Wind Cable/


The cable body of the wind cable is made of high strength galvanized steel wire, PES(C)5-73, PES(C)5-91; The standard strength is fpk≥1770MPa, which meets the standard requirements of GB/T17101-2019Hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium coated steel wires for bridge cables. Anchor model specifications are LZM5-73, LZM5-91.

The sheath is made of high-density polyethylene sheathing material with a double-layer structure of black inner layer and colored outer layer, which meets the requirements of GB/T 18365-2018 Hot-extruded PE protection paralleled high strength wire cable for cable-stayed bridge.

After the completion of the new Gangzhawai Bridge, it will better connect the roads along the river, reduce the sharp bends along the river, effectively improve the road conditions, and be more conducive to the holding of large-scale sports events such as international cycling races and marathons, which is of great significance to promoting the construction of Chongming world-class ecological island.