Cable-Stayed Bridge in Taohe National Wetland Park, Gansu Province

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Cable-Stayed Bridge in Taohe National Wetland Park


/Project Overview/

The Yangjiahe outlet cable-stayed bridge project on the Taohe National Wetland Park patrol road is located in the south of Lintao County, Dingxi City. The cable-stayed bridge is about 250m away from the Yangjiahe reservoir dam, and the current river channel is 130m wide.

The main bridge is an A-shaped tower cable-stayed bridge without back cables, with a single hole layout. The cable-stayed bridge has a total length of 129.5m, an approach bridge of 25m, and a bridge deck width of 8.5m.

The main tower adopts variable cross-section rectangular concrete tower columns with a total height of 57m. The main beam is a steel box beam, which is a tower beam consolidation system.


There are a total of 26 cable-stayed cables in the whole bridge, the specification is PES(C)7-55, the standard tensile strength is 1670MPa, the elastic modulus is 1.95×10⁵MPa; the embedded pipes have built-in shock absorbers, and external damping is installed on the bridge deck. device.

The stay cable is a space cable, and the stay cable is made of parallel steel wire with a diameter of φ7mm, high-strength and low-relaxation epoxy-coated steel wire. The epoxy steel wire complies with the requirements of GB/T25835-2010 " Epoxy-coated steel wires for cables".


The inner layer of the finished cable is epoxy steel wire, the outer layer of the steel wire is wrapped with fiber reinforced polyester tape, and then extruded double high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which meets the requirements of GB/T18365-2018 " Hot-extruded PE protection paralleled high strength wire cable for cable-stayed bridge".


The stay cable anchors adopt cold cast anchors and are installed on the corresponding main beams and main tower embedded anchor pads. The tower end is the tension end and the beam end is the fixed end.

The manufacturing of stay cable materials and the construction and installation of stay cables for this project are all undertaken by Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd.



The cable-stayed bridge is an important passage connecting the two sides of the wetland park. As an important node project in the wetland conservation area, it is necessary to focus on creating a bridge landscape to highlight the landmark of the wetland style.