The Significance of Reinforcing Old Bridges

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The Significance of Reinforcing Old Bridges


一、The Significance of Reinforcing Old Bridges

1Achieve The Goal of Safety First/ Safety Is The Most Important

Any traffic bridge or agricultural bridge put into use, we must ensure the safety of use, especially the bridge with dense traffic, if it is not safe to use, to minimize safety risks, such a bridge does not meet the current municipal bridge safety standards.

2Extend The Life of Bridges

From an economic analysis, if the cost of demolition and reconstruction of the old bridge is much higher than the cost of reinforcement and repair, the old bridge will be reinforced. Our reinforcement of old bridges can extend the service life of old bridges, and at the same time, we can reduce capital investment, reduce project expenses, and shorten the construction period.

二、Maintenance and Management Measures for Old Bridges After Reinforcement

1、When we carry out bridge reinforcement construction, we will find the design drawings and original parameters of the old bridge. We need to collect and organize these data and materials to provide a reference for later bridge maintenance work.

2、Each bridge has dedicated maintenance personnel. The local responsible department can appropriately increase the investment in maintenance management funds to ensure that every maintenance worker can be in good working condition and actively perform their own work.

3、For bridges with large daily traffic volume, it is necessary to focus on inspection and management, understand the bridge damage dynamics, and report to relevant departments in a timely manner.

Whether the old bridge should be demolished and rebuilt depends on the construction cost and the existing use value of the old bridge. Generally speaking, if the damage and disease of the old bridge are not serious, it only needs to be reinforced and repaired, and there is no need for reconstruction.


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