Qingxi Ancient Town·Qingjiang River Bridge

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Qingxi Ancient Town-Qingjiang River Bridge

/Project Overview/

Qingjiang River Bridge is located in Qingxi Town, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, across the Qingzhu River, a total length of 114 meters, the full width of 21.6 meters, span combination of 1x25 prestressed concrete T beam +1x80 sinking concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, Qingchuan County is the first concrete arch bridge, but also the longest single span bridge.


The continuous beam arch bridge suspension rods in this project have a total of 15 sets of double suspenders. The two pairs of arch rib hangers in the whole bridge have a total of 15×2=30. The hangers are spaced 5m along the bridge direction. The hanger is made of PESC type 7-139 low-stress anti-corrosion cables (parallel steel wire bundles) coated with composite stainless steel pipes, and is matched with LZM7-139 cold-cast pier head anchors.

The upper end of the hanger passes through the arch rib, the nut is anchored on the anchor seat on the upper edge of the arch rib, and the lower end is anchored on the fixed base on the lower edge of the hanging point beam. During structural design, the positions of short hangers should be reasonably arranged and short hangers should be avoided as much as possible. Spherical gaskets should be used in all hangers.


/Hanger Material/

The material of the hanger cable body of this project is 139 epoxy-coated steel wires with fpk≥1670MPa in diameter Φ7, which conforms to the standard requirements of GB/25835-2010 "Epoxy-coated Steel Wires for Cables";

The inner layer of the finished cable is epoxy coated steel wire, the outer layer of the steel wire is wrapped with fiber reinforced polyester tape, and then extruded double high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and should meet the relevant requirements of GB/18365-2018 "H Hot-extruded PE protection paralleled high strength wire cable for cable-stayed bridge".

Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd. will undertake the bridge hanger material production and boom construction and installation for this project.

Qingxi Town, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City - Created as one of the "Top 100 Provincial Central Towns", Qingxi Ancient Town is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. After the project is completed, it will improve the Qingxi Ancient City ring transportation network, further shorten the travel time of the three main tourist attractions of Qingxi Ancient City, Yinping Village, and Tangjiahe, and at the same time solve the travel problems of Yinping Village and tourists during the flood season.