Guomari cable-stayed bridge in Tongren County,Qinghai Province

2023-07-28 15:30:09 guiqiaolansuo 10

 /Project Overview/ 

The Guomari Cable-Stayed Bridge is located on Guomari Road in Tongren County across the Longwu River. It is a secondary ring road in the northern district of the county. The total length of the Guo Mari Bridge is 590 meters. It consists of two parts: the east and west extensions of Guo Mari Road and the cross-river bridge. The main bridge is 200 meters long. The main bridge is a single-tower, double-span spatial cable-stayed cable-stayed bridge with a diamond-shaped bridge tower. The approach bridges on the east and west sides are prefabricated small box girder bridges made of prestressed concrete.


The stay cables are arranged in a spatial fan-shaped cable plane in combination with the main beams and towers. The main beam is provided with a tension end, and the cable tower is provided with a split-wire cable saddle. The steering cable saddle is anchored on the tower wall, and the stay cable is connected to the main beam and anchored on the anchor block outside the longitudinal beam.

/Bridge Cable Materials/

There are a total of 14 pairs (28 bundles) of stayed cables in the whole bridge, with a standard spacing of 6 meters and a maximum cable length of 222.34 meters. The cable is made of φ15.2mm epoxy steel strand. There are 3 specifications, each cable is composed of 31, 37, 43 steel strands, double HDPE protection of the full anti-corrosion cable body, the cable surface additional helix and increase the internal damping. Epoxy steel hinge line meets GB/T2583-2010 "Individual epoxy-coated wire prestressing steel strand" standard requirements; The performance of anchors meets the standard requirements of GB/T14370-2015 " Anchorage,grip and coupler for prestressing tendons".


/Project Delivery/

Since this project is a single-tower, double-cable-plane cable-stayed structure, the box girder adopts the construction technology of temporary brackets and large sections cast step by step. The project volume is large and the construction period is tight. In order to ensure that the construction proceeds smoothly and is completed on schedule or ahead of schedule, it is planned to construct two symmetrical working surfaces on both sides of the bridge simultaneously with two symmetrical stay cables.


During the construction of the project, the project team worked overtime and worked on the front line in accordance with the overall requirements of "grasping the construction period, promoting the construction period, controlling the quantity, and ensuring safety" and overcame various difficulties to complete the construction of the project. Guomari Bridge was officially opened to traffic on July 28!

Tongren County Guomari Bridge is positioned as a landmark landscape bridge and an important node of the "three vertical and three horizontal" road traffic framework in the urban area. The completion of the bridge further improves the urban framework, and is of great significance to support the northward expansion of Tongren's urban territory, promote economic and social development, and facilitate residents' travel.