Xining Xiangrui Street Project

2023-07-27 16:28:35 柳州桂桥缆索有限公司 18


Xiangrui Street Bridge

Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd. is responsible for the material manufacturing and installation of the hanger and tie rod system of this project.

 /Project Overview/

Xiangrui Street is an important part of the infrastructure construction project of Nanchuan Cultural Tourism Business and Trade Exhibition area. Xiangrui Street Bridge is a three-span continuous beam arch combination bridge. The arch rib of this bridge is a combined arch ring composed of two separate arch ribs and cross supports. The spatial shape of arch rib is "spindle shape".



6 horizontal tie rods are arranged in the main beam box. The tie rod cable body material strength is 1860MPa φ15.2 filled epoxy coated unbonded steel strand. The filled epoxy steel strand conforms to the relevant requirements of GB/T21073-2007 Epoxy-coated seven-wire prestressing steel strand; Each tie rod system consists of 37 strands of 15.2 steel strands.

There are 17 pairs of hangers in the whole bridge, and the distance between the hangers is 6m. The material of the cable body of the hanger is high strength and low relaxation galvanized steel wire with nominal diameter φ7 tensile strength fpk≥1670MPa, which meets the standard requirements of GB/T17101-2019 Hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium coated steel wires for bridge cable. The outer layer of the steel wire is wrapped with reinforced polyester tape and then extruded with double layers of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Boom size is PES7-91.

Anchor performance in line with GB/T14370-2015 Anchoragegrip and coupler for prestressing tendons standard requirements.