Nanhua Bridge Cable Stay Replacement Project

2023-08-05 14:54:21 guiqiaolansuo 5


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Nanhua Bridge is located in line G234, Nanxian County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province. The bridge connects Zhenxing East Road in Nanxian County in the west and Huarong County in the east. It is an important passage between Nanxian County and Huarong County. There are 4 tower columns in the whole bridge, and the width of the main bridge is 19.5m. It is a single-sided double-tower structure with a height of 20m tower columns and a distance of 6m longitudinal bridge between the two tower columns on one side, which are connected by 8 connecting beams. The end of the tower is connected by 2 steel pipe transverse struts to make it a whole. The bridge was built in 1998 and has been in operation for more than 20 years.

After special inspection, it is found that there is local disease or damage in the bridge. In order to ensure the safety of the bridge, it is necessary to carry out bridge maintenance and reinforcement as soon as possible, and formulate corresponding special construction plans. Because the cable used concrete to fill the tower end and the buried pipe at the lower end in the early stage, it was more difficult to replace the old cable.

We use the most advanced high pressure jet strike process in China to clean the cement slurry in the channel. The adoption of this process reduces the damage to the original structure of the old bridge. The efficient and energy-saving process changes the original mechanical drilling and cleaning process of the hole, and minimizes the secondary damage to the maintenance and replacement of the cable of the old bridge.


In the hot summer, Xu Peiyao, deputy general manager of Liuzhou Guiqiao Construction Engineering Company, braved the heat to guide the work on the site, the construction progress and construction difficulties, and participated in the first cable replacement work. There are 16 cable-stayed cables in the whole bridge, and the construction and installation of the replacement cables are contracted by our company.