Muji Bridge, Anhui Province

2023-10-18 09:32:29 柳州桂桥缆索有限公司 11


Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd. is responsible for the hanger and tie rod cable body materials and the construction and installation of the hanger and tie rods in this project.

/Project Overview/

Diverting river to Huaihe River from south to north is divided into three major engineering sections: diverting river to the nest and sending river water north. The project is located in the Jihuaizhao reach of Yinjiang River. Muji Bridge is 1125 meters long, the main bridge is a single span steel box through tied-arch bridge , the main bridge is simple and beautiful, just like a heron sweeping the water, showing the Chaohu Lake "water and sky one color of the beautiful scenery, ten thousand hectares of drunken eight immortals" beautiful landscape.


The hanger of this design requires replaceability. The hanger adopts a steel strand extruded hanger system and HDPE sheathed cable body. The suspender cable directly bears the dead load from the composite beam and live loads such as cars and people. It is an important link in the force transmission chain of the down-bearing arch bridge. The standard center distance of the horizontal lifting points of the bridge's suspenders along the bridge axis is 6 meters. The upper end adopts a whole bundle of extruded anchors, and the lower end adopts pin hinge anchoring. The outer surface of the outer HDPE layer needs to use protruding spirals to prevent vibration caused by wind and rain.

/Tie Rod/

The tie rod system is composed of the tie rod cable body and the anchoring system, and the two main beams are equipped with 4 external prestressed steel strands to form the flexible tie rod system of the structure. It is required that a single cable can be installed and tensioned, and that a single cable can be changed during the operation phase.



The hangers are all tensioned and adjusted at the arch end. The upper end of the hanger is anchored in the arch rib, and the lower end is anchored in the ear plate.

The tie rod cables are respectively installed in the main longitudinal beams on both sides. The tie rod prestressing force is tensioned at both ends. Double control is adopted during tensioning, with the tension force as the criterion and the elongation as the supplement.

The cable body materials are galvanized unbonded steel strand, in line with GB/T33363-2016 Hot-dip galvanized steel strand for prestress standard requirements; The steel strand is wrapped with polyester high-strength fiber tape, and then extruded with double-layer high density polyethylene (HDPE); The structural performance of the anchor cable meets the JT/T850-2013 Strand cable with swaging anchorage standard requirements; The performance of anchors meets the standard requirements of GB/T14370-2015 Anchorage,grip and coupler for prestressing tendons.

The Muji Bridge spans the Zhaohe River and is an important transportation hub connecting Chaohu City and Lujiang County. While providing convenience for local people to travel, it is also an important part of the Zhaoxi River Class I waterway, laying a solid foundation for Hefei's future goal of connecting the river and the sea.