Construction of Stay Cables of Yingchuan Road Bridge Across Yinghe River in Yuzhou City

2020-04-13 16:00:07 guiqiaolansuo 309

Yingchuan Road across Yinghe River Bridge and road project, located in the old city of Yuzhou City, starting from Binhe Avenue in the south, Yingbei Road in the north, and crossing Yinghe River, the road grade is the main road of the city, the red line width of the road is 40m, the road adopts two-way six lanes, the design speed is 60km/h, and non-motorized lanes and sidewalks are set on both sides.

Bridge distance pile number starts at YCK0+351.945 and ends at YCK0+570.945. The main bridge adopts 75m+75m=150m two-span single-tower single-cable plane cable-stayed bridge. The south approach bridge is 3×10m prestressed hollow plate simple-supported beam bridge, and the north approach bridge adopts 3×13m prestressed hollow plate simple supported beam bridge, with a total length of 219m. The full width of the bridge is 40m, the main bridge adopts the whole section, and the approach bridge adopts the frame design. The cable of the bridge is supplied and installed by Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., LTD.