Daguo Bridge on Zama Road

2020-08-19 10:15:14 柳州桂桥缆索有限公司 10

The original bridge structure of Daguo Bridge on Zama Road: the main bridge adopts steel truss suspension bridge, the span of main cable is 75 meters, and the anchor ingots are inverted "L" type composite anchor ingots combined with prestressed anti-slide pile and gravity anchor ingots. The main bridge adopts steel girder stiffening beam, bridge deck orthotropic plate, bridge deck concrete cast-in-place layer; The tower adopts triangular concrete filled steel tube truss with equal section, the tower foundation of Bomi Bank adopts expanded foundation and rock anchor, the tower foundation of Bomi bank adopts artificial hole to expand foundation and rock anchor, and the rock anchor foundation of Medok bank.


The renovation design of Daguo Bridge mainly includes: main bridge, approach bridge and road and road bridge renovation project. The overall idea of the main bridge renovation project is as follows: reinforce the bridge tower and its foundation, strengthen the rear bridge tower top design elevation is higher than the original tower column, set a new cable saddle on the top of the new tower; At the same time, in order to meet the needs of new cable anchoring, the original anchor ingot should be enlarged and raised, and the anchoring system and loose cable device should be re-installed on the newly built bridge tower and anchor ingot. After the installation of the cable system, the original sling should be installed to the new cable system one by one to complete the renovation of the main bridge. The span of the approach bridge is 2x15 cast-in-place box girder +81m steel truss suspension bridge +2x15 cast-in-place box girder. The approach bridge is rebuilt after the foundation, pier column and π-shaped beam of the original approach bridge are removed. Daguo Bridge access road 328m, mainly using the old road to reform, a new 200 steel truss bridge 51.816m.


The bridge's main cable and suspender cable system materials are produced by Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd. and provide installation and construction services. Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest domestic companies specializing in the production of bridge cables. It is located in Xinxing Industrial Park, Liuzhou, Guangxi. It was registered and established in Liuzhou in 2010 and has independent production lines and intellectual property rights. The company is a new technology-based enterprise composed of a group of professionals who have long been engaged in prestressed design, production, construction, and product sales. It has brought together a group of pragmatic talents and formed a team with outstanding young and middle-aged people as the backbone.