New bridge project of Ruyuanzhou Street Bridge in Guangdong Province

2022-07-07 16:58:15 柳州桂桥缆索有限公司 5


The material supply and construction installation of the stay cables of this project are undertaken by our company Liuzhou Guiqiao Cable Cable

/Project Overview/

Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County is located in the northern part of Guangdong Province and 31km west of Shaoguan City. The project Zhoujie Bridge crosses the Nanshui River in Ruyuan County, connects Henan Road and Huancheng West Road opposite the Nanshui River, and crosses with Yanjiangzhong Road and Binjiang West Road along both sides of the Nanshui River, providing convenience for local transportation. The original Zhoujie Bridge was built in the 1950s and 1960s, with an aperture arrangement of 7 stone arch Bridges spanning 13.6m and a total length of 90m. Now, the original bridge can no longer meet the local needs, so the original bridge is demolished and built. The new bridge adopts a single-tower single-cable plane cable-stayed bridge structure system, two spans are connected, tower girder piers are consolidated, abutments are equipped with supports, and ground anchors of cable-stayed cables are set on both sides of No. 0 abutment. There are 6 groups of cables on the side cable surface of the steel box girder, and 2 cable anchors are arranged on the back side of the bridge tower at No. 0 abutment. The cable distance on the beam is 9.0m, and the cable distance on the tower is 5.6~5.8m.



The cable body material is zinc-aluminum alloy-coated high-strength low-relaxation steel wire with a diameter of φ7mm. The standard strength is 1770MPa, which meets the standard requirements of GB/T17101-2019 Hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium coated steel wires for bridge cables.

The inner layer of the finished cable is made of steel wire, and the outer layer of the steel wire is wrapped with fiber-reinforced polyester tape and then extruded with double-layer high-density polyethylene. It also complies with the relevant requirements of GB/T18365-2018 "Hot-extruded PE protection paralleled high strength wire cable for cable bridge. Its service life meets the requirement of 30 years.

The cable-stayed cable is tensioned and anchored at the bridge tower, and cold-cast anchors are configured at both ends. Shock absorbers are installed on each cable of the cold-cast anchor. The cable-stayed cable is tensioned once. During construction, the monitoring unit will give specific instructions on the tension of the cable according to the construction conditions.

Zhoujie Bridge is located in the center of Ruyuan County. It can connect the urban areas on both sides of the Nanshui River and form a grid transportation system with surrounding roads. It not only provides convenience for local residents to travel, but also effectively solves the traffic congestion problem in some urban areas.

As a key livelihood project of Ruyuan, the construction of Zhoujie Bridge is smooth at present, and the overall framework of the bridge has been basically completed. I wish the project will be completed and opened to traffic as soon as possible!